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HTTP Injector (SSH/Proxy/V2Ray)
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Android 4.1+
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HTTP Injector (SSH/Proxy/V2Ray) is a professional App which is made to set a unique HTTP header. Additionally, you can use SSH tunnelling to visit websites that are banned by firewalls. And none of that required root.

The HTTP Review:

Although using HTTP Injector can be a little challenging, its official website has a very helpful documentation to guide you. Additionally, it only takes a few seconds to import the setups that other users have already generated.

HTTP Injector (SSH/Proxy/V2Ray)

There are numerous utilities included with HTTP Injector. For instance, the IP Hunter enables you to seek for local IP addresses, while the diagnostic tool enables you to verify that everything is functioning properly on your device.

Mobile proxy server with SSH capabilities that can alter requests and access websites that are prohibited behind firewalls Please review the following description; this tool is only for expert users.

HTTP (SSH/Proxy/V2Ray) Features:

This software has a lot of features. One of the features is a main page with menus for tools, help, proxy, payload, and other options. Along with that, it has a Payload Generator that connects each string. The SSH Setting menu is another option. People frequently use this to access the internet for no charge. Host SSH, Port SSH, Username, and Password are only a few of the sub-menus available in SSH. You have to complete it all.

  • DNS Switch
  • Integrated SSH client
  • Integrated client for Shadowsocks
  • Host Checker and IP Hunter Built-In
  • Support for the V2Ray plugin
  • The Payload Generator
  • Filter for Apps
  • Support Android versions 4.0 through 11
  • Custom DNS or Google DNS
  • Information compression
  • Hotshare – Unlock Tether
  • The capacity to modify buffer size, etc.
  • Alter requests that are sent out.
  • Specify other proxy servers to use when submitting a request.
  • The ability to remove headers from incoming http responses and the provision of alternative headers.
  • Integrated SSH client (Similar to Bitvise)
  • The Payload Generator
  • No need for root (you can use VPN mode or iptables, which requires root).
  • Support for Android versions 2.3 to 5.1
  • DNS Proxies
  • Information compression
  • Route IP
  • The capacity to modify buffer size,
  • Many others

Tunnel Types:

  • SSH + HTTP Proxy
  • SSH
  • The Shadowsocks
  • DNS Tunnel)
  • SSL (TLS) (TLS)

Provider’s Mode

  • Encrypted configuration exported
  • Lock and shield user access to the settings
  • Customer custom message set
  • ID lock hardware

How to Use HTTP (SSH/Proxy/V2Ray):

  1. import a configuration file made by another user (You can locate it in your neighbourhood group’s or chat rooms.) Or
  2. Select one of our servers to connect to by opening the payload generator and pressing generate (no settings are necessary).


HTTP Injector is a specialised VPN application for browsing the Internet anonymously and securely with various protocol and tunnelling methods integrated into one. So don’t wait more , click the above mentioned link and Download it to enjoy its facinating features. For more queries and details please keep visiting our website Good Luck

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