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May 07,2023
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Nekopoi is live streaming app where you may watch a variety of anime. This app differs slightly from others in a few ways. You must provide personal information in order to use this application. Only when you sign in with your email will it start working. After that, you will receive the code by mail and be able to access the application. You can search for any kind of content with it as well. The purpose of this app is to bring the Japanese tribe together. Therefore, it could be challenging for others to grasp the language while using this app.

Nekopoi Review:

The market is covered with different types of video material due to the enormous demand for it. Every genre is now available on your mobile phone, whether you prefer watching short videos, entire seasons or even films. Another well-known genre that may be streamed with Nekopoi App is anime.The app’s user interface (UI) is highly straightforward, fluid and user friendly making it simple and quick to search for your favourite anime. You must sign in to the Nekopoi App using your login information before you can access anything else.

This website extends a hearty welcome to all anime fans here you can easily use Nekopoi app. This is the greatest platform for you and your loved ones if you want to have fun and are looking for a way to pass your free time amusing yourself. For both adults and kids the anime is a Japanese film and television genre. Both adults and children spend the majority of their online time in most regions of the world looking up topics that interest them. So for fans of anime Nekopoi is here.

There are many watchers and enthusiasts of anime outside of Japan and the industry is expanding. The Nekopoi app is the one that has all of the anime stuff in it because there is always a certain app associated with a particular kind of category of content. With this app you can now watch all of your favourite anime programmes in one location. This app has no adverts and is free to use. similar to world4u Free apk and Live Cricket Fee App. This app gathers all of the anime categories in one location, whether you prefer comedy or action.

Nekopoi Features:

Watch Online Anime:

The app offers a function that allows you to watch all of your anime shows and content online via a web connection because it is all about anime. You can stream anime virtually anyplace that there is a data connection thanks to this function.

Nekopoi Regular updates:

The developers of NekoPoi are constantly working to add new contacts to this programme in an effort to satisfy their customers, which is its best feature. They don’t have to search for new information because they can quickly find it this way.

Simple and Easy to Register:

You no longer need to waste time looking for your favourite products thanks to the search function. Simply type in its name, and it will show up shortly.

Free app:

Because it is available for free, it has a much larger fan base because it won’t take any money from its customers.

Several Servers:

There are several streaming servers from which to pick for live broadcasting. Therefore, you may move to any other server and begin a live stream of your anime shows if one server isn’t functioning for you.


The application does not demand that you install an external VPN, as most of similar apps do. You can enjoy your favourite anime content without using a VPN.

Internal Pin Lock:

Additionally, the app features a built-in pin lock that you can use to safeguard and protect your app on your phone. By doing this, you can ensure that no one can access and use your app on your phone without your permission.

Download for Offline Play:

You can download your desired anime series and view them later if you want to watch your material offline and without an internet connection. You can watch the downloaded videos wherever you like in offline mode because they are saved in your internal memory.

Nekopoi Other Features:

  • Fast than alternative apps.
  • Size-wise, smaller.
  • Virus-free app.
  • Videos can be downloaded.
  • Free of charge.
  • Categories that are distinct in the home section.
  • Newest and most recent notification.
  • Maximum download manager speed.
  • No pointless ads.
  • It’s against the law to advertise on behalf of another party.
  • To look up the title, utilise the search feature.
  • Secure and safe.
  • No bugs or mistakes.
  • Many others


In conclusion, the NekoPoi app excels in terms of functionality and anime-related material. Despite being a Japanese app, it continues to be popular worldwide because of its compelling content and top-notch graphics. You won’t get bored if you download it. This app also keeps you informed of forthcoming schedule changes for certain categories. You can search for material and play videos from the list of ones you’ve downloaded. It has no limitations and is available for usage. The fact that it forbids other third-party advertising makes it the finest.

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